GoBinge | Movie suggestion engine

GoBinge suggests movies based on a user prompts. Provides movies and TV show ratings and ways to watch.

PlanPilot | Google Calendar scheduling assistant

PlanPilot Talk to your calendar just like you talk to your friend!

Following are some of the Opensource projects I have contributed to.

Apache Knox | REST API Gateway

Apache Knox Gateway is a REST API Gateway for interacting with Apache Hadoop clusters.

Apache Orc |Columnar Storage

ORC is a self-describing type-aware columnar file format designed for Hadoop workloads

Pooling framework for Memcached API | Pooling Framework

A pooling framework for Memcached API, because developers should focus on the functionality and not the boilerplate code.

Memcached Session Manager | Session Manager

A tomcat session manager that backups sessions in memcached and pulls them from there if asked for unknown sessions.