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I love graphs and charts ( not the ones used by the MBA people) and was looking for a tool which could give me a snapshot or a timeline of the events for our repository we use at my work. My search ended when I stumbled upon a tool called Gource while browsing Let me admit one thing, this tool is the coolest I every played with and its awesomeness brought me on my knees. Basically Gource is a open source software version control visualization tool for linux, Mac and Windows. It works best with Git but then there are some cool folks Bitshifter who have written python script to make Gource work with SVN.
following are the steps to use Gource with SVN on windows, I am documenting them so that I don’t forget them:
You need

  1. Gource download
  2. Python (2.5 or later) download

Unzip and install Gource and Python.
Go to your SVN trunk (or branch) - my-svn-project
cd my-svn-project

Get SVN log
svn log --verbose --xml > my-project.log

Run the python script to convert svn logs to Gource friendly log
python --filter-dirs my-project.log > my-project-gource.log

Display the results
gource --log-format custom my-project-gource.log

By default the display speed is 10 seconds per day, you can speed it up by using the option -s (e.g 0.1 is faster, 100 is slower) e.g.
gource -s 0.1 --log-format custom my-project-gource.log

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